Raytouch Diagnostics Limited Benin city: Owner, Address, Contact Number, Salary, Price List.

Raytouch Diagnostics Limited is a big diagnostic centre in Benin City, Edo State that started operation in 2017. There are many Diagnostic centers in Benin City of course but Raytouch is reputed for being the only diagnostic facility to slash the price of CT scan in Benin. They made it so easy that they provided their ambulance free of charge to convey head injured and stroke patients to their centre for cranial Ct scan. They still provide this services.

Raytouch Diagnostics: Owner, Address, Contact Number, Salary & Price List
Raytouch has both a CT scan and MRI scan marchines

Raytouch has facilities for both blood investigations such as full blood count, malaria parasite test, HIV test, pregnancy test, kidney function test etc, urine test, scans and radiologic investigations such as MRI, X-rays, abdominal scans, EEG, ECG, Echo, HCG, etc

Raytouch Diagnostics Owner

Raytouch is owned mainly by Prof Igbinedion (Not related to Lucky Igbinedion please), a consultant Radiologist and a specialist in Interventional Radiology….he has other partners.

Raytouch Contact Numbers

Call Raytouch help desk to make enquiries on these numbers:

Phone Numbers:




Raytouch Email address: [email protected]

Locations in Benin/ Address

Raytouch is in 3 locations in Benin City

1. 19, Oghogho Street, Between Dawson Road and New Lagos Road, Benin City, Edo State, Nigeria

2. An centre at Dawson Road opposite Hotel Felona

3. Raytouch just opened a new Branch at Ikpoba Hill so as to get their diagnostic Medicine closer to the people. The contact number of Raytouch at Ikpoba Hill, Benin City will be displayed here later.

Salary of staff of Raytouch diagnostics

The staff of Raytouch diagnostics are relatively better paid than other diagnostic centres. However, their salaries are not disclosed….Lab scientists working at raytouch get about #150,000 monthly I was told.


1. Blood and urine investigations…All blood investigations are performed at Raytouch

2. Radiologic investigations like MRI, CT scan, X-rays, ECG, ECHOCARDIOGRAM, EEG

Raytouch Price List

All diagnostic centres review their prices from time to time to reflect the economic realities. It is important to note that raytouch prices are relatively stable and are much more affordable. For example, Cranial CT scan at Raytouch is #37,000 naira compared to #42,000 that it is done in other labs in Benin City.

A comprehensive list of Raytouch diagnostics prices will be updated here from time to time.

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