4-year medical courses in Nigeria

There are over 10 popular medical courses in Nigeria and many of these courses run for 4 , 5 and even 6 years.

Today I am going to list out the 4 year medical courses only that you will do and thereafter go for NYSC…

4-year Medical Courses in Nigeria


Physiology is the study of normal body function and the study of the body’s disease state is known as pathology. Barring ASUU strike and other unforseenable circumstances, students of physiology graduate within 4 years and thereafter go for NYSC…

4-year Medical Courses in Nigeria
A nurse… Nursing is a 4 year course outside the universities


Anatomy is the study of the structure and sometimes function of the human body. It entails gross anatomy, histology, embryology and dissection of the cadavar…. Human Anatomy is a 4 year course in Nigeria and students of anatomy receive classes with medicine and dentistry students for the first two years of school. After graduation, anatomy students go for NYSC.


Medical biochemistry is the formal study of biochemical exchanges that occur within the human body in the context of medicine, usually in terms of drug interactions or cellular responses to disease or stimulation. After a 4 year course, med biochemist go for their compulsory one year NYSC.


Psychology is a 4 year course in Nigeria. Psychologists work closely with psychiatrists to help persons with mental illnesses.

5. Paramedics

Paramedics is not really a 4 year course per se. It is a 5 year course done right now only in University of Benin teaching hospital (UBTH).


Nursing is a 3 – 4 year course in teaching hospital, federal medical centres and some accredited nursing schools (private and public owned)…nursing graduates from teaching hospitals don’t go for NYSC you know. But no big deal.

Please be informed that BSC nursing is a 5 year course and they go for NYSC.

7. Pharmacology

Different from pharmacy. Pharmacology is a 4 year course in the school of pharmacy.

8. Pharmacy

Apart from Uniben and some other schools that have programmes for Dr of Pharmacy, Pharmacy is still a 4 year course in many Nigerian universities….take note.


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