What can I use to clean my womb to get pregnant?

👉How to cleanse uterus and ovaries at home

👉How to cleanse uterus and ovaries during period

👉How to cleanse uterus at home

👉Try this womb cleansing tea

👉How to cleanse uterus after period naturally

👉Cleanse old blood from the uterus

Womb cleansing has become a routine that many ladies practice….even though the womb cleanse itself monthly during your period, many ladies still feel they need to remove the bad blood in the womb left behind by the period…so, they use all kinds of herbs such as soursops, guava leaves, yoni pearls, banana, moringa, aju mbaise and goron tula to remove old bad blood from the womb (uterus)…Women decide to cleanse, steam and massage the womb to boost their fertility and to get pregnant especially for women trying to conceive. Some women go to spas ans special treatment rooms to have their wombs and “ovaries” cleaned while others have the recipes to cleanse their wombs at home.

What can I use to clean my womb to get pregnant?
How to use guava leaves and soursop to cleanse the womb…

What can I use to clean my womb to get pregnant?

Here is women do it👇

Method 1:

To cleanse the womb and conceive Fast

Get Gorontula and Guava leaves(fresh ones) and not dry ones.

Wash once and boil together for up to 30 minutes.

Take it when menstruating for a period of 7 days(half glass morning and night).

Buy Folic acid 10mg

Vitamin E 1000mg

Omega-3 oil 1000mg

Vitamin B6 1000 or 800mg or IU
Once a day.

Between that 7 days don’t have sexual you are cleansing your uterus.

Method 2:

This mixture work magic!!

Guava Leaves and Soursop Leaves are wonderful womb cleansers!


👉Take moderate of guava leaves and soursop leaves, wash well…..

👉Boil it together and sieve it…….

👉Drink it warm…Morning and Evening, half a cup…

These leaves are believed to be good for cleansing the womb, removing ovarian cyst, or pcos, fallopian tubes and possibly fibroids. The claims of the benefits of womb cleansing are speculative and are not scientifically proven.

Speculative Benefits of womb cleanse and massage.

Womb cleanse opens up the pores of the tissues and increases blood flow, relaxing the muscular and deep fascia layers of the pelvis and womb.

It warms, soothes and nourishes internal membranes; providing internal cleansing of the uterus by assisting in the release of incompletely flushed debris, impacted and old endometrial lining. Womb cleansing tones the pelvic floor to create a natural healthy lubrication that cleanses, re-balances and restores natural pH level. It also encourages the womb into her natural, open and upright position.

Cleansing the womb can:

– Significantly reduce pain, bloating and exhaustion associated with menstruation.

– Decrease menstrual flow as well as reduce dark purple or brown blood at the onset or end of menses.

– Regulate irregular or absent menstrual cycles.

– Increase fertility, especially when combined with Fertility Massage

– Speed the healing and toning of the reproductive system after birth, miscarriage or termination.


But please before taking this uterine cleanse therapy….

Go for urine and blood culture test

HVS test to ascertain you are free from infection and your womb and fallopian tube is in good condition.

You can do this consistently for 3 months with patience

#Womb cleansing gets rid of infection, stale blood, sludge, debris, clots, fibroid masses and even sloughs from the womb.

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