Is milo and bournvita good for pregnant woman?Between milo and bournvita which one is good for pregnant woman?

Milo , bournvita, ovaltine and peak milk arw common beverages consumed by both the old ,young and children in Nigeria….These chocolate filled milk drinks are very rich proteins and fortified with essential vitamins and minerals such as vitamin A , vitamin V , vitamin E, calcium etc. Pregnant women needs these nutrients from milo or bournvita or ovaltine for the healthy growth and development of the unborn child. Bournvita amd milo does not harm the baby a pregnant woman is carrying.

Is milo and bournvita good for pregnant woman?
Is milo and bournvita good for pregnant woman?

Bournvita and milo with or without peak milk are very safe in pregnancy and can be consumed by pregnant women without fear. Bournvita, milo, peak milk, and ovaltine contain sugar but they cannot cause gestational diabetes or big baby syndrome as some people suggest. Bournvita and milo cannot cause miscarriage or pregnancy loss or congenital birth defects. Bournvita and milo are good for pregnant women.

The other fear about drinking milo or bournvita im pregancy is the belief that these nutritious bverages contain caffeine. Yes, it is true that caffeine is risky or dangerous in pregnancy…Let me let you know today that milo and bournvita does NOT contain caffeine…..

Here are the ingredients that make up milo:

MILO® is made with four main ingredients; malt barley, milk powder, sugar and cocoa, plus 8 vitamins and minerals. Vitamin B (B2,B3, B6 & B12), vitamin c and iron are all found in milo.

You will agree with me that these ingredients in milo are safe and healthy in pregnancy.Milo contains no caffeine.

Also, here are the ingredients found in bournvita:

Bournvita contains no caffeine. The ingredients of Bournvita are – Malt extract, sugar, caramel, cocoa solids, emulsifiers, milk solids, liquid glucose, vitamins, minerals, raising agents, liquid vanilla flavor and salt.

You can see that the ingredients or composition of bournvita are totally safe in pregnancy. Bournvita does not contain caffeine and pregnant women can consume it.


The fears about the safety and effects of bournvita and milo on pregnancy are unfounded…bournvita and milo are completely safe in pregnancy…none is better or preferable to me, they are all nutrient-filled. Pregnamt women should please drink good and adequate quantity of milo, peak, ovaltine and bournvita for their vitality and that of their babies. Enjoy.

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