Nigerian food for 6 months old baby…What can a 6 month old baby eat in Nigeria? Meal, diet and food timetable for babies and toddlers in Nigeria. Nigerian natural food for babies

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Many Nigerian mothers are usually confused about the the best Nigerian foods to give to their infant baby after 6 months of exclusive breastfeeding…. It is expected that mothers and caregivers to introduce solids and semisolid complementary foods while continuing breast milk to 6 months old babies after exclusive breastfeeding.

Nigerian food for 6 months old baby
A Nigerian babe eating solid foods. See list Nigerian food for 6 months old baby…

This becomes necessary because the breast milk, after 6 months is depleted and can no longer provide the baby with all essential nutrients, vitamins and all the 6 classes of foods like carbohydrates, calories, minerals, proteins, vitamins, fats and oils and water.

You can now see the need to introduce other types of food called complementary feeding to the infant baby. The aim is to make your baby grow well and not lack essential nutrients.

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In Nigeria, the paediatrician commonest recommended foods for 6 and even 12 months baby are semisolid, solid foods and liquid foods. Parents are advised to start giving their babies what they the family normally eat at home like rice, beans, pap, custard, yoghurt, milk, vegetables, fruits and fruit juices, bread, biscuits and so on.

Nigerian food for 6 months old baby

Below are are list of Nigerian foods that should be given to a 6 months baby:

1. Pap/ogi/akamu

Whatever name you decide to call it, pap is the best, commonest, healthiest, cheapest and the most nutritious foods to give to a 6 months old Nigerian baby….The Pap or Akamu given to your 6 months old baby should be garnished or fortified with sugar, crayfish, and milk to make it more nutritious…. Parents are preferably told to add milk or ground crayfish or say milk to their babies’ pap to make it richer in nutrients. Garnished pap is so rich in calories, proteins, vitamin A and C, carbohydrates, minerals and even calcium…Dont forget calcium is important for the development of strong bones and teeth in children.

2. Custard.

Custard is a good alternative or substitute for pap in children… Custard powder is made up of a combination of milk, sugar, and egg yolk. Custard powder with milk or milo is a good source of nutrients to 6-12 months old Nigerian babies. Custard is fortified with vitamin A which is essential for good vision in babies.

3. Milk

When your baby reaches 6-12 months, you have the option to choose between offering fresh cow’s milk, or formula milk. Of course, breast milk is the best, but for parents who wish to offer other milk, you have these 2 options. ⁣

Cow’s milk is rich in protein and calcium, which is essential for the growth of bones and teeth. Moreover, at 12 months, your baby’s digestive system is now matured enough to break down the protein found in cow’s milk. Therefore it is a good option for your baby. ⁣

As for formula milk, it is fortified with vitamins and minerals, with all essential nutrients for your baby’s growth. Usually thought of as a marketing ploy by many, formula milk does have its use especially when it comes to picky eaters who are still not good at eating. ⁣

It is not really necessary to provide your child with formula milk if he is already taking in a well balanced diet. Cow’s milk is good enough for your growing baby. Only if he does not eat well, then formula milk could be an alternative. ⁣

4. Swallows

A child between 6 -12 months can be given tiny morsels of swallow to eat…. Introduce the child to family meal. This is part of weaning a child from breast milk. A 6, 8 -12 months old baby in Nigeria can be given tiny morsels of eba, semovita, starch, amala, fufu, pounded yam, poundo yam, starch… etc. It is important for you to introduce solid food that 6 months old baby.

5. Fruits and Fruit Purees for Babies

Note that giving purees to your baby starts from 4 months and above because of their digestive organs while those on Exclusive breastfeeding is from 6months.

6. Milk or yoghurt drink

Yoghurt like hollandia, vitamilk, viju milk etc can be introduced to babies at 6 months of age.

Please mother’s let’s be mindful of the combination, this babies have taste buds already that is why they will reject it. Mixing raw egg with any fruit is terrible combo, it’s not healthy for your baby.

Don’t fall for that deceit that children need sugar. Yes children need sugar but not graduated sugar, they need natural sugar, every body needs natural sugar. Sugar gotten frm food is good for babies, after using appropriate quatity of milk DON’T add anything until one year before you can add honey or date palm syrup …

Serious Note: DON’T keep any puree for later, it’s blend per feed

1. Apple and rice puree : boil your rice and apple together, you can also boil with green beans, blend together with milk.

2. Potatoes and carrot: Boil potatoes and carrot and blend with milk

3. Avocado pear and carrot: scoop out your pear in a blender, add milk and diced carrot and blend very well so the carrot can be smooth.

4. Semovita and apple or avocado pear or carrot: cook semo very light, cook any of the fruit you are using and blend together with milk.

5. Rice and carrot: cook rice,carrot and apple together and blend with milk.

6. Rice and potatoes: cook rice, potatoes and fresh fish and blend with the water you use in boiling fish. If you add enough fish, u may not need milk to be added.

7. Potatoes and apple: boil potatoes and apple together and blend with milk.

8. Banana and rice: book your rice and put in the blender, add your banana and blend with milk, you can add boiled carrot or apple to it also.

9. Cabbage and rice: cook your rice and blend with cabbage, cucumber and milk

These and many more purees you can rock your baby with.

6. Indomie

Indomie is not a nutritious meal for babies or anyone but you can make it more nutritious and healthier if you cook it with eggs, crayfish, fish, snail, meat, chicken, turkey and what have you in meat proteins.

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8. Meat

Meats should please be given to babies… Children not adults need more protein for their growth and development for more than adults…. Give you children enough beef, snails, goat meat, chicken, turkey, bush meat etc… They got a lot of protein and iron which is necessary for growth and red blood cells production.

9. Beans

Beans, which ever type, contains lots of nutrients especially carbohydrates and proteins necessary for a child’s nutritional needs…. Let your child eat plenty beans… You can even add vegetable like efo, ugu leaf etc. to the beans to make it richer.

10. Rice

Jollof rice, ofada rice, white rice and stew or fried rice can be given to babies between 6 -12onths and beyond. Rice is rich in calories which is essential for weight gain in babies.

11. Yam and unripe plantain

Let your 6 months old child nibble at cooked or roasted yam and cooked unripe plantain … You can add fried eggs.Yam porridge and plantain porridge is excellent for babies also.

12. Eggs

Give your child at least one cooked egg per week to eat. It is very nutritional and contains essential vitamins for healthy baby growth.

13. Juices

Nigerian based fruit juices like chivita, chi-exotic, bobo, Viju milk, 5 alive, happy hour are very good for babies around 6 months and beyond. Fruit juices are rich in vitamin C.

14. Yogurt

Yoghurt like Hollandia, Greek yogurt, Habib yogurt, and other hygienic home made yoghurts are very good for babies above 6 months… Yogurt are probiotic which helps git health and prevents diarrhoea… Yogurt is also very rich in calcium, a mineral needed for the development of strong bones and teeth in kids.

15. Smoothies

Banana smoothies, tiger nuts, coconut, and dates smoothies is very good for growing children….These smoothies are very high in essential nutrients. You can also give zobo infant babies above 6 months.

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