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Bitter leaf and scent leaf for diabetes

Bitter leaf and scent leaf for diabetes mellitus…..Use of Vernonia amygdalina in treatment of diabetes writes:


I took this first thing this morning and it’s good you do that maybe twice in a month.

Never mind! Leave those confusionists alone….. 😂 It’s simply bitter leaf.

The indigenous names we call it are onugbu(Igbo), Ewuro(Yoruba), Shawaka(Hausa) .
I can’t possibly list all the nutritional benefits but I will highlight one you may probably not know about especially when it comes to lowering blood sugar levels and treating diabetes mellitus….

Bitter leaf and scent leaf for diabetes mellitus

For the DIABETIC and those monitoring their blood sugar level, help is around you…..

About 21 Albino rats were carefully selected for an experiment to determine the effect of bitter leaf on Diabetes Mellitus.

At the end of their findings, Mr Oguntola 2013 said “BITTER LEAF DOES NOT ONLY REDUCE THE BLOOD SUGAR LEVEL DRASTICALLY, it also helps to repair the pancreas”

Out of two or more witnesses the truth is established…..

A similar research was carried out at the University of Jos, it was established that “the crude chloroform extract of the leaves of Bitter leaf has an ANTIDIABETIC effect in rats with diabetes mellitus (Type 2 Diabetes) under laboratory conduction.”

Yours sincerely, believe you now know that bitter leaf alone or bitter leaf mixed with scent leaf helps to reduce the blood sugar level?

You are an health enthusiast and you want to take bitter leaf and scent leaf…..?

√Wash thoroughly under running water….

√Disinfect by applying a little salt and wash carefully under running water….

√Squeeze the juice…..

√Warm a little on an heat source!

Take and enjoy…..

And why not plant the bitter leaf stalk at the backyard of your house? At least you will be able to trust the source.

You have a little cut? It helps to stop bleeding…..

You can as well share with your friends…..

I hope it helps in a way….


Both Bitter leaf and Scent leaf helps in the lowering of blood sugar level in persons living with diabetes…. Herbal preparation of bitter leaf and or scent leaf can help in the treatment and even prevention of diabetes. Diabetes has no cure remember, but bitter leaf and scent leaf good a long way in controlling and regulating blood glucose level.

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