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21 ways ladies flush out sperm after sex to prevent pregnancy

How do ladies flush out sperm to prevent pregnancy? And do you know the sperm can stay alive in the female body for up to 5 days after oyinbo rough play while waiting for the female egg?

Not every naks is planned. Most are unplanned and the partner end up pouring inside. Unplanned nakks are also without raincoats. Sometimes, even when you wear one, raincoats do break and spills everywhere. Some ladies and guys prefer niggaraw backing on withdrawal method.

But the truth is, withdrawal method is not reliable – part of the milk is spilled before withdrawal or the guy may totally forget and the rest they say is history.

This is a problem to ladies especially when they are not in their calendar safe period during nakamora. The fear of pregnancy is real.

In order to prevent pregnancy, most ladies have devised local and not medically approved means of flushing out sperm from their bodies immediately after playing the mama and papa way.

They believe it works for them. Please check them out.

1. Water

Most ladies, after unprotected sex, use water to douche in order to wash out spermatozoa from their bodies. The water may be salted, warm or plain. Women douche with water as often as possible to ensure they wash out any remnant of semen in their OBO.They also use this method to flush out sexually transmitted infections which hardly works.

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2. Urination/Urine

It involves 2 methods in one. Immediately after intercourse, some ladies dash to the bathroom to empty their bladders and at the same time collect their urine in a container and use it to wash deep inside their bodies.  By emptying  their bladder, they believe they are peeing out the semen. Also,  they believe the their hot and acidic urine will help kill the semen.

3. Herbs

While some ladies take herbal concoctions, others insert herbs deep inside their bodies in order to kill any spermatozoa deposited there. Some combine both drinking of herbal concoctions and insertions for better results. There is this widespread believe that herbs both protect against sexually transmitted infections and helps flush out sperm.

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4. Andrew Liver Salt

A mild antacid that is commonly used for stomach complaints such as indigestion and bloating; Andrews Liver Salt have found its way in the ladies list of emergency contraceptives. Many ladies I have asked believe it helps flush out semen even after 5 days and also washes out sexually transmitted infections. The scientific basis for this is still unclear to me but the truth is, Andrew liver salt does not prevent pregnancy or cure STDs.

5. Quinine

Apart from using it for abortion, ladies also belief quinine, an antimalarial drug flushes out sperm from their system. Quinine as ’emergency contraceptive’ is very popular among ladies especially in Nigeria.

6. Lime

Apart from using it as a feminine wash for tightness, women 👭 wash with lime after “megbesuegbe” to wash out and destroy sperm from their bodies so as to prevent pregnancy. They believe the acidic nature of lime is toxic to sperm and kills them. Lime is also used by some Nigerian ladies for termination of unwanted pregnancy and for vaginal yeast infections.

7. Alum

A chemical compound (potash alum)  used for water purification, alum water💧 is unconventionally used for feminine wash to remove vaginal odour and to flush out sperm. People believe the highly alkaline nature of alum water kills sperm. Alum is also used for tightening and to “regain virgi.nity” which is false


I met a lady that told me she takes  Guinness stout, Gulder(beer), dry gin, or Alomo bitters immediately after nakks to flush out sperm and infections. She said it has never failed her since she started using alcohol for emergency contraception since 2019. I don’t know how this works for her….could it be a mere coincidence?

9. Postinor

Postinor, also called morning after pill💊 is an effective and medically approved emergency contraceptive. It is 95 percent effective when taken immediately after unprotected sexual intercourse. It is hormonal. It works by preventing ovulation and thickens cervical mucus preventing spermatozoa from passing through. Some women have this erroneously belief that Postinor works by flushing out sperm. Forget the mechanism of action, it prevents pregnancy and it is fully backed by science.

10. Salt

Some ladies use salt and water to douche after nakamora. They believe it naturally flushes out sperm from their body, helps reduce vaginal itching,  odour, candidiasis and other forms of viginal discomfort. There is a saying that a cup of salt water after lashing keeps pregnancy away but your are at risk of hypertension.

11. Ampiclox

Ampiclox by Beecham or Beecham ampiclox is a drug that is a drug that is in every  lady’s hand bag nowadays but can ampiclox flush out sperm immediately? It is an antibiotic that is now been used as emergency contraception and to flush out semen with positive testimonies. It is competing strongly with postinor 2 in the market for sales. It is believed to prevent pregnancy by flushing out sperm if taken immediately after your know. How it works for pregnancy prevention still remains for controversial.

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12. uda water (Negro pepper)

Believed to be used as by our great great great grandmothers for emergency contraception before the advent of the modern contraceptive methods. Negro pepper is grown in the Western, Central and Southern African countries and in some dry lands.  When prepared,  a glass or two glasses of uda water immediately after “megbesuegbe” is believed to help flush out semen and prevent pregnancy.

13. Mountain Dew

How it flushes out spermatozoa I don’t know but some ladies believe because Mountain Dew (a soda) contains plenty of caffeine, it helps kill sperm and prevents pregnancy if  taken after. New research however says mountain dew is not spermicidal

14. Douching with coke flushes out sperm?

Oh No!  This is a myth but ladies will argue with you that it works.  But how? They believe douching with cola cola or any other soda foams out stubborn semen and save them from unwanted pregnancies.

15. Apple Cedar Vinegar (ACV)

Women take apple cedar vinegar for different reasons ranging from the treatment of  keloids, pelvic inflammatory disease, sexually transmitted infections, vaginal yeast, vaginal odour, infection back pains, stomach upset and prevention of pregnancy. Girls either drink it or douche with it to avoid unwanted pregnancy.

16. Exercise

Laugh out loud!  Ladies can do anything to wash out semen including weight lifting, jogging, yoga, abdominal exercises, kegel exercise, and vaginal exercises.  If you like run a marathon it does not work. Jumping up and down like antelope after lashing will not flush out semen or prevent pregnancy.

17. Alomo, Bitters, Action Bitters, and other Bitters

This is very common among Nigerian women leaving in Southwestern Nigeria where these alcoholic herbs are popular. They take it immediately after “doko” believing it wash out semen from their bodies. Does it work? No.

18. Coke and Paracetamol

I have been told several times that mixing coke and Paracetamol together and drinking it  helps to flush away sperm or wash out sperm and even remove pregnancy…DONT TRY IT PLEASE. It will not work and more importantly, the combo can damage your liver and kidneys.

19. Honey

Some ladies drink lots of honey to kill sperm and prevent pregnancy….see, honey cannot prevent pregnancy or abort unwanted pregnancy..honey can be anything but it is not a contraceptive.

20. Diclofenac and ibuprofen to flush sperm

There is this wierd believe that diclofenac and or ibuprofen can kill sperm…some ladies have packs of diclofenac in their bags which they take after unprotected … See, diclofenac or ibuprofen are not contraceptives and cannot prevent pregnancy or kill sperm….Ladies who use diclofenac or ibuprofen to wash out sperm will in the long run develop stomach ulcer, heartburns and kidney damage

21. Mirinda kills sperm

Some ladies these days have found solace in using mirinda drink to flush out semen and preventing unintended pregnancy. Again, it will fail you as mirinda is not spermicidal.

VERDICT: I am not going to judge you or your methods but apart from taking Postinor or postpill as instructed, all other methods will not work or has not been working or at best not scientifically proven. Testimonies of successfully preventing pregnancies with these crude methods are either fake or mere coincidences. Moreover,  these methods introduces infections into your reproductive tract. There are very effective modern birth control methods you need to be conversant with.

Video of some emergency contraceptive pills you can use to prevent pregnancy or flush out sperm 👇🏿

No herbs, drink or special preparations with prevent you from getting pregnant.

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  • Can someone who had unprotected sex on sunday night and took postinor2 on monday night and Tuesday morning, then had another unprotected sex again on Wednesday night take another postinor2 ?

      • I was raped on the 17th of December 2019,i was devastated,didn't tell my parents and fell sick I thought I was pregnant but I saw my period on the month of January and February can I still be pregnant.........???

  • I had an unprotected sex with my girl friend she then used salt and 7up two hours later,she told me that the salt and 7up wash away the sperm when she pee that night'pls is that possible.

    • Salt and 7up, and salted 7up or teem soda are not emergency contraceptives, and should NOT be used for preventing pregnancy. If she is in her fertile period, and you deposited in her during intercourse, there is a 95 percent chance of her getting pregnant. Be guided.

    • I had sex with my boy friend but i did not take salt and water immediately I took it when I got home in the night and also took it in the morning will it flush the sperm inside me

  • Doc please i had sex then after six hours of the sexual intercourse i took two doses of ampiclox beecham with andrew liver salt, please i want to know if it will prevent me from getting pregnant or can i still take get postinor2?? Can the postinor2 work after 24hrs of sexual intercourse?

    • Ampiclox beecham with andrew liver salt will not prevent you from getting pregnant. However you can take postinor2 within 72 hours of unprotected sex. It works. Thank you.

      • Doctor please 🙏
        I'm mew here ND had an unprotected sex with my husband on Sunday but use herb on that same day later have sex on Friday as well but I use salt ND water.
        Can I be pregnant like that? Doctor please want u to advice me

        • Yes you can get pregnant because herbs or salt and water are not contraceptives...

    • No. Beecham is not a contraceptive. It is an antibiotic and does NOT prevent pregnancy. Take postinor instead. Postinor is an emergency contraceptive and it works. Thank you.

  • 1. Can a girl take postpill 1.5 2days after unprotected sex?

    2. Will postpill still work after a girl has ovulated?.

    3. A girl had unprotected sex on a Tuesday afternoon... The next day was her ovulation day which was Wednesday... Then on Thursday she took 1.5 ml of the drug named postpill, it was still within the 72 hrs... Is she safe?

    • Provided she took the postinor, she is safe. But the earlier you take it especially immediately or within 24hours, the better.

  • please can someone who had unprotected sex on Friday morning and has not taken the postinor for two days be pregnant?

  • Plz I need an urgent reply,I have sex on Friday night and its been six days now(Thursday)what can I do to flush it off

  • Pls I need an urgent answer, I had unprotected sex last week Saturday 11pm and I took Andrew liver salt immediately and I also took another Andrews liver salt in the morning (Sunday )..hope I’m safe ?

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